Samsung VAC-7713SP Ultra Quiet Jet - Canister
Only $219.99
On SALE for only $174.77
A quiet vacuum from Samsung

Love-Less Ash Cougar "Quiet Series Ash Vacuum"
Only $339.00
On SALE for only $229.95
With Winter Scene Design

PowerStar III Central Vacuum Cleaner
Only $462.95
Up to 10,000 Square Feet or 14 Inlets

Panasonic OptiFlow™ Series Performace Plus Platinum Upright Vacuum -U10-
Only $599.99
On SALE for only $399.95
with Tri-Force® Plus Motor, Hepa Filter, On-Board Tools and Side-Hinged Door


We are currently sold out of all
EMER Vacuum Cleaners

Except Botticelli, Gallileo & Tiziano 5 and 7 Bags package

Emer canister vacuum cleaners offer beautiful Italian designs and finishes with the most advanced features that make cleaning carpeting, smooth flooring or above-the-floor surfaces comfortable and highly effective. The vacuums have motor design for outstanding airflow, cleaning ability, quiet operation, sound reducing insulation, intelligent automatic suction control, a special park system that keeps the wand upright when you step away for a moment, effortless maneuverability and cleaning tools for any surface. The vacuums are compact, powerful and maneuverable and are the best vacuums designed for cleaning homes with various cleaning surfaces such as wood, tile, moquette and cut carpets. Emer canisters have high filtration technology combined with HEPA, charcoal or micro filtration systems.

Funvacuums offers the following models; Botticelli, Botticelli Dual, Galileo Parquet, Galileo Plus, Raffaello Power Plus, Hercules, Leonardo.
If you admire High Performance Ferarri cars you will love the Emer Vacuums!

All EMER Vacuum Cleaners are FREE SHIPPING.

All EMER Vacuums with Unbelievably Affordable Pricing!

EMER The Italian Brand Vacuum Cleaners
compares with
MIELE the German Brand Vacuum Cleaners
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1.   Emer Dust Bag, Botticelli and Galileo Models, 5 pack
Item No. FV23105
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